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Award Winning Links

The links on this page have received our Storybooks Award because they have special appeal due to story creativity, specialized content, educational information, fun activities, or are just downright charming.

Story Sites

    Banph - Stories with beautiful illustrations.
    Bedtime-Story - Whimsical bedtime stories for children of all ages.
    Bikesters - This unique site has motorcycle stories with so many illustrations that they read like a comic book. For older children/young adult.  (Jun. 2001)
    Billy Gnome's Bedtime Stories - Enchanting stories for young children with beautiful illustrations. Also has slide puzzle and bug chorus.  (Jul. 1999) - Highly recommended website with stories written by Stephen Cosgrove. The stories here are exquisite -- include lovely music and are professionally written and drawn. The interactive games are delightful. Flash or basic programming options.  (Jun. 2001)
    Candlelight Stories - Lots of illustrated children's stories. Has options to hear stories read aloud.
    Chateau Meddybemps - Humorous stories and entertaining content.  (Jan. 2000)
    Children's Books Online: the Rosetta Project - The largest collection of illustrated antique children's books online.  (Mar. 2003)
    Christian Kids Links - by Net Ministries
    Dunkle Unkins for Kids - Wonderful stories and fantastic songs. This site is highly recommended.  (Jan. 2000)
    Emily and Tess's Story Page - Children are welcome to participate in this ongoing story.  (Jul. 2000)
    Farmhouse Fables - Charming, well-written animal fables.  (Apr. 2000)
    Kids Portal for Parents - Here are interesting illustrated stories that teach morals. Included are well-written mythological stories from India, folktales and poetry. This site also has games, coloring pages and other links for children and teachers.  (Jun. 2001)
    Light Up Your Brain - Nice selection of audio stories. This site also has fun games and music.  (Sep. 2001)
    The Miners Seven - A book by Brett Barney. Wonderful story for young adults. Includes historical photographs.  (Jul. 1999)
    Sheldon Oberman - Writing and storytelling. Commercial book site but also has free plays, audio, and more. Unusual and interesting.  (Apr. 2000)
    Tiger Aki - These simple stories about a tiger cub are colorfully illustrated and have sound, animation and interactivity. While targeted for young children, they are so delightful and cleverly done that even older children and adults will be amused. Requires Macromedia Flash Plug-In (version 4 or later).  (Jun. 2001)
    Walks with Red Dog - Stories by Jim Conrad. A site for young adults. Well-written experiences of a man's relationship with his dog. For older children and adults who like simplicity and wisdom.  (Jun. 2001)
    Wired for Books - Well done dramatic audio production of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll free online.  (Jun. 2001)
    Xlibris - The Littlest Knight - Commercial. If your child has enjoyed the story online, consider buying it in paperback. This is a lovely quality book produced by Xlibris. The illustrations are three times the detail possible on the web and must be seen to be appreciated.  (Mar. 2003) - Great stories that make the ordinary magical. Has lots of creative and entertaining touches including sound effects.  (Sep. 2001)

Books with Pictures/Audio

    BBCi - Cute animated stories for young children.  (Mar. 2003)
    The Brave & Bold Little Squirrel - Selection of stories including "The Brave and Bold Little Squirrel," a story with beautifully drawn black and white pictures and accompanying audio.  (Mar. 2003)

    School Storybook Sites

      Room 108 - Fun stories with animation and music, some by students. Reading, picture books, singing, math activities,

    Popular Sites

      AT&T Labs-Research - Multi-Lingual Text-To-Speech (TTS). Type some words and hear them spoken!  (Mar. 2003) - Visitors can explore the exciting world of butterflies by visiting The Butterfly Site's dozen butterfly topics, tons of butterfly links, contests, and awards.  (Jun. 2001)
      Communication with Parrots - Parrots are smarter than we think! - Learn about American sign language online.  (Mar. 2003)
      Here Be Dragons - Imaginative site all about dragons by Jennifer Walker. Includes exquisite artwork.
      Oh.. I'm So Happy - Frog in Love - with music.  (Mar. 2003)
      On-Line Sailor Moon Encyclopedia - Huge site for fans of the animated Sailor Moon series.
      Stories from the Web - This site encourages children's participation with their own stories, reviews and Web club. Cute site with lots to do.  (Jun. 2001)
      Young Writers' Clubhouse - Advice, inspiration and contests for kids 10 and older. Features live chat, bulletin board and stories about young writers  (Mar. 2003)
      Zelo - A large selection of nursery rhymes.  (Mar. 2003)

    Games, Cartoons, etc.

    Coloring Books

      ABC Teach - Print out pictures to color.  (Mar. 2003)
      Berenstain Bear Country - Print out bear pictures to color.  (Mar. 2003) - Nicely illustrated dinosaurs to print and color.  (Mar. 2003) - Color pictures online with your mouse.  (Mar. 2003)
      Draw and Color with Uncle Fred - Unique and wonderful site. Fred Lasswell, famous cartoonist of the "Barney Google and Snuffy Smith" cartoon strip, teaches children how to draw simple cartoons that they can color.  (Mar. 2003)
      National Geographic - Print 'N' Go Coloring Book  (Mar. 2003)
      PBS - Dragon Tales coloring book to print and color.  (Mar. 2003)
      Sesame Street - Print and color pages with numbers, letters and Sesame Street characters  (Mar. 2003) - Print and color these Wizard of Oz coloring pages.  (Mar. 2003)
      all mixed up - paint - Color online with your mouse.  (Mar. 2003)

    Educational and Help with Homework

      A+ Math - Flash cards online.  (Mar. 2003)
      Academy of Achievement - Huge collection of illustrated information about leaders, discoverers and creators who shape the world.  (Mar. 2003)
      Dr. Labush's Links to Learning - Many excellent links for students, teachers and parents.  (Jun. 2001)
      EZSchool - Lots of great links.  (Jul. 2000)
      Fact Monster - Learning Network's kid's almanac, dictionary and encyclopedia and much more!  (Jul. 1999)
      Homework Central - HomeworkCentral is bigchalk's directory of learning and teaching Web sites. Choose from the Internet's biggest study collections.  (Jul. 1999)
      Honey Bee Research at the University of Arizona - All about bees. Interesting free information plus you can pay for lesson plans (grades K-12).  (Mar. 2003) - This site has a lot of fun games and interesting facts about astronomy.  (Jun. 2001)
      Learning How to Draw - Detailed online instructions for teaching how to draw. Excellent!  (Jun. 2001) - Cute site for young children. Click a letter of the alphabet to hear its name and see a picture.  (Mar. 2003)
      Lycos Zone - Type in a word to find its rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more.  (Mar. 2003)
      Merriam-Webster's Word Central - Look up words (fast) in the Student Dictionary.  (Mar. 2003)
      Spartacus Educational - Historical pictures and articles.  (Jul. 2000)
      The Nine Planets - Beautiful. A multimedia tour of the solar system for older children/young adults.  (Mar. 2003)
      Valdosta State University - Mulitply your skills in math with flash cards and games.  (Mar. 2003)

    Teacher Resources

      All About Words - Grammar, Phonics, Spelling  (Mar. 2003)
      Of Bees, Beekeepers, and Food - This website is all about bees. Entertaining and informative.  (Mar. 2003)
      Curriculum Related Sites - Selection of links for language arts, math, social studies, and science. Courtesy of Walnut Grove Elementary School.  (Mar. 2003)
      EduLinksUK - Vast amount of links about art or subjects related to art. From simple to sophisticated.  (Mar. 2003)
      Enchanted Learning - Fabulous for teachers. Includes science pages, Mother Goose rhymes, great music pages, activities, and printouts - Asks for $20 (or donation) as a voluntary membership fee to support the site.  (Mar. 2003)
      Department of Education, Himachal Pradesh - Unique and useful links. Check them out!  (Mar. 2003)
      McGraw Hill - Education. Teaching Methods, web resources  (Mar. 2003)
      On-Line Stories and More - Great links for children learning to read. Lots of alphabet help.  (Mar. 2003)
      Punctuation Rules - Excellent quick guide.  (Mar. 2003)
      Reading Links - Nice selection.  (Mar. 2003)
      School Grants - K-12 grant opportunities.  (Jul. 2000) - Hundreds of free reading worksheets covering phonics and vocabulary building are available here for teachers and parents.  (Jun. 2001)
      Teacher Stuff - Resources for education, teacher lesson plans, teacher resources, home schooling and much more!  (Jan. 2000)
      The Teacher's Guide - Free lesson plans and lots more.  (Mar. 2003)
      Kid Source Online - Lots of articles and links for education and about learning.  (Mar. 2004)
      X - Teacher Resources Links - A nice selection of commercial links offering teacher resources.  (Mar. 2003)

    Phonics - Phonics. Important site for information and links about phonics. Free info.  (Jan. 2000)
      Hooked on Phonics - Save $30 on Hooked on Phonics today!  (Mar. 2003)
      The Literacy Volunteer Connection - Offers free articles about "Word Families," which can help students "crack the code" of our inconsistent language by providing some predictable patterns within words.  (Mar. 2003)
      Misunderstood Minds - Excellent article about difficulties with reading.  (Mar. 2003) - Assistant Professor Pam Petty's links for phonics and reading help.  (Mar. 2003)
      The Phonics Room - Resource guide for teachers with poems, songs, literature and activites listed for every letter of the alphabet  (Jan. 2000)
      Rayment's Learn to Read Method - Interesting article about a method for teaching reading that is simple, easy to do and free.  (Mar. 2003)
      X - Phonics Links - A nice selection of commercial links offering phonics.  (Mar. 2003)
      Talking eBooks from Children's Storybooks Online - Commercial. These are our own audio ebooks created specifically to help the beginning reader or ESL student learning English. We offer the same stories that are free on our site, but besides narration, each and every word is clickable to hear. There is every level here, from very short stories for young children to much longer stories that even adults learning to read would enjoy.  (Mar. 2003)


      ABC Home Preschool - Commercial. A resourceful site for parents teaching their children preschool at home. It is the site of the original "use and reuse" wipe-off ABC Home Preschool Workbooks - 9 month curriculum. What better way to promote self-esteem in your children than to have them learn in a fun way!  (Mar. 2004)
      Homeschool Oasis! - Lots of links and information.  (Mar. 2003)
      Homeschool is Cool! - More homeschool links selected by a homeschooler.  (Mar. 2003)
      Home School Legal Defense Association - Find information on laws and support groups, listed by state.  (Mar. 2003)
      X - Homeschooling Links - A nice selection of commercial links for home schoolers.  (Mar. 2003)

      Children's Links Sites

      Librarian Resources


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